Planet-Profit Report was launched in 2007 as a quarterly section to ColoradoBiz magazine, a statewide b-to-b magazine continuously published for over 38 years.

PPR is being expanded as a regional media platform. The quarterly section will continue publication in ColoradoBiz.

The editorial mission of PPR is to engage the voices of business and economic development in a meaningful dialogue about energy and economic sustainability – with a focus on the western United States, a region with common challenges and opportunities.

The unique market position of PPR stems from:

  1. the invitation to all voices in business, research,  and economic development to participate in a dialogue about sustainable development
  2. the regional nature of the dialogue – from the central wind corridor of the United States west – translating into a practical, issues-oriented conversation

Editorial Overview:          Voices and topics:

Energy – Toward energy sustainability

  • Established energy: utilities, cooperatives, independent power
  • Cleantech, renewable, bio-energy, hydro, nuclear, coal, gas, etc
  • Grid/transmission
  • University and lab research: R&[E]D*
  • Sponsor, transfer, commercialize
  • Funding, deployment, management

Water – Land-Use:  Toward sustainable management

  • Basin-wide analysis of western water issues
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Land Management/stewardship
  • Infrastructure

Sustainable Building/Communities

  • Architecture/Design/Construction – New
  • Resource management
  • New urbanism

Corporate Sustainability

  • Nexus of sustainable business and development


Editorial Guidelines:

*Research & [Economic] Development (template submission):

  • Institution/Lab – (name of submitting entity, contact information)
  • Project Overview (50 words) – project name, discipline/application/industry
  • Why it will make an impact – (100 words)
  • Commercial status – (50 words) i.e. funded, sponsored, transferred
  • Photography (researcher or research)


Voices from energy, education, technology, services, government, land and resource management, associations and advocacy groups, and non-profit are invited to submit to Planet-Profit Report

Contact Mike Cote, editor, for more information, mcote@planetprofitreport.com, 303-662-5283


Lisa Ryckman, managing editor, lryckman@planetprofitreport.com