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Sense of urgency is business as usual in China

U.S. energy and technology firms may be good candidates for Chinese investment

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“Be quick.”

We heard this more than once from business contacts we met in China. Our objective – to connect U.S. technology and energy firms with money and partners in China – met with very positive reviews. But change is the rule in China today, and the advice to move fast reflects a sense of urgency that all businesses seem to operate with there.

For China business, now's the time. If you're not moving fast, you're being left behind. And it shows -- everywhere. Fifty years of economic growth have seemingly been compressed into 10.

This frantic pace has created environmental challenges as you’ve heard. Forecasts of China’s ecological collapse are perhaps overstated, but not by much.  As I’ve written, renewable energy development and cleantech are therefore supported by necessity.

Not so in the U.S. The commitment here lacks by comparison. Investors are hesitant as a result. (For more on U.S. prospects for cleantech investment read Michele Chandler’s piece today.) The implications are debatable, of course, but for U.S. firms looking for money and markets, opportunity may be elsewhere. U.S. companies with good technology and patience to form solid partnerships can prosper in China.

If you have the patience, we can help with the connections. Contact me,, or (303) 888-2832.




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